“One Of The UK’s Most Successful Bettors Took 12 Individuals And Showed Them How To Make £40k A Year From Horse Racing
At A Recent Closed Door Seminar
Costing £2,995.00”
“Today – We’re Going To Send YOU The Exact System He Showed Them – And – Why We Can Guarantee You’ll Make Up To
£300.00 A Day With It”

Dear reader,

        Yes…..we’re finally releasing it! The most talked about….most requested, and most profitable betting system being used anywhere in the UK!

        What you’re now about to be shown is quite literally the chance of a life time! That’s why it’s so important that you now read this entire letter from start to finish!

        What we now have in our possession – is the EXACT system taught by one of the UK’s most successful bettors at his recent £2,9995.00 closed door seminar.

        YES!…..the exact system!

        In fact, this is the EXACT system that’s now making the 12 individuals who attended…..more than £1,250.00 A WEEK!!

        And today –  for the very first time ever. We’re going to send you an exact copy of it. And – we can absolutely guarantee that it’ll make you up to £300 A DAY!!

“We’ll Send You The Exact System That’s Already
Making 12 Individuals Up To £1,475.00 A Week!”

        By actually attending professional bettor David Findlay’s seminar. And agreeing a very special deal for our own members.

        We’re now releasing the EXACT system that we and 12 other individuals paid £2,995.00 to be shown.

        And, after fully testing and using it over the last 9 months. We can now confirm that the money this incredible system will make you – is quite simply PHENOMENAL!!!

        In fact…this system is so profitable…..so successful…and so powerful. We can absolutely guarantee that within the next 8 weeks.

        You’ll have made more than £3,000.00 in CASH!! 

        And to prove this – we’d like you to try it out completely RISK FREE for the next 60 days – just to see for yourself. That this WILL make you up to £300 A DAY!!!

You’re Going To Be Handed The EXACT System That’s Making David Findlay Over £1,475.00 A Week!

        Imagine just for a moment you were personally shown by a highly successful and well known professional bettor – exactly how to make serious money from horse racing every single day of the week!

        A method that you knew 100%.….for sure….was going to make you money every single year for the rest of your entire life.

        Well today…..you’re now going to be handed the exact system that’s making one of the best known pro’s in the country – more than £40,000 A YEAR!!

        And if you do exactly as his system shows. You’re going to be guaranteed profits of up to £300 A DAY!!!

You’re Now Going To Be Given The Exact System That’ll Allow You To Make A Full Time Living From Horse Racing!

        You may have seen this one off seminar advertised for £2,995.00 by professional bettor David Findlay. You may even have hoped you could’ve been one of the lucky few who attended his event.

        But at £2,995.00….this was probably well out-with your financial limits?

        That’s why WE just had to send one of the Betshare team to his seminar – as the opportunity to be shown ONE on ONE – the exact system that’s making up to £1,475.00 a week from horse racing….

…..was quite simply something we COULD NOT MISS!!

The Methods He Showed Proved That His System Could Make ANYONE Up To £1,475.00 A Week!

        The seminar was by private invitation only. So for those who had a spare £2,995.00 laying around. This was an incredible opportunity for them.

        Not only would they be shown how this well known professional made over £40,000 a year from horse racing….

        But they’d also be taught personally by the man himself – and – given his exact system. This meant they could now use it themselves for the rest of their entire lives!

        It really was an incredible opportunity for them!

        For £2,995.00 they’d be taught the exact method that makes David Findlay over £40k a year. And that’s why we just had to get our hands on it for you and our own Betshare members!

        And let me tell you, we’re glad we did. The system he uses is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!

And Today – We’re Going To Send YOU An Exact Copy Of it!
“We’ll Now Send You His EXACT System So YOU Can Immediately Start Making Money With It!”

        What you’re going to be handed is the exact system that’s PROVEN to us here at Betshare. That it DOES…..and WILL – make anyone using it £40,000 a year!

        And…after extensive testing. We’re finally going to release it. As we now know for a FACT ….that anyone who uses this – WILL make money!

        In fact, in the last few months alone – we’ve been absolutely blown away by the profits this system is making. And just how easily anyone can make money from it.

        So to start with, let me give you an example of the kind of money it makes….

  • The first day we used this system….it made an incredible £383.87
  • The 2nd day we used it..…it made £263.49
  • The 3rd day we used it….it made £229.67

        In fact….by the end of the very first week….this phenomenal system had made an INCREDIBLE £1,257.84!!!

        YES!! I’ll repeat that again…….an incredible £1,257.84!!

        But before I tell you just why you’re guaranteed to make money with it….

“Just Look At Why This Really Is A Once In A Lifetime Chance For You To Start Making Serious Money!
  • You’re going to be handed an EXACT copy of the system that was given to the 12 individuals who attended his £2,995.00 private seminar!
  • You’re going to discover how to really make money from horse racing using the exact same system used by one of the most successful bettors in the country!
  • You’re going to be shown how to start EARNING money straightaway – – starting first thing tomorrow morning!
  • And…you’re now going to own an exclusive copy of the exact system that can now make you money for the rest of your entire life!

        This incredible system will allow you to make profits of £76, £147,£265, and even as much as £568 A DAY!! But before I tell you just how easily you can now do this….

        Let me tell you exactly what was shown at the seminar. And…. exactly what each of the 12 individuals that attended walked away with.

“The Seminar Revealed To All 12 Individuals His Exact System And Allowed Each Of Them To Instantly
Start Making Money!”

        The seminar was a closed door event, and was strictly by private invitation only! But at £2,995.00 per seat, it’s no surprise that only 12 individuals from around the UK could afford to attend it.

seminar pic

“Each individual left this event knowing exactly how to make serious money from horse racing!”

        But incredibly –  it wasn’t long before each of them realized that what was being shown to them – was quite literally worth 100x times the amount of money each of them had
paid to be there!

        In fact, what was shown was absolutely phenomenal!

        David Findlay proved live on stage that absolutely ANYONE could start using his system to make over £40,000 a year.

        But not only that – he proved this to them on the day with some incredible real life examples!


The Methods He Taught Are 100% Proven To Make You Or Anyone Else In Excess Of £40,000 A Year
From Horse Racing

        The professional who held this seminar, David Findlay, showed all 12 individuals attending…..EXACTLY how to make money from racing using his very own unique methods.

        He also showed them complete proof of the profits his methods make (you’ll also see full proof of this yourself!) And he also challenged anyone in the room to show him a way of making MORE money from horse racing than his methods.

Absolutely No One Else Anywhere In The UK Has Ever Revealed A System That Makes As Much Money!

        But probably most surprisingly of all. The system he uses is extremely simple. There’s no complicated mathematics or confusing calculations to make. There’s nothing difficult to do or any need for studying form or race analysis.

        But most importantly! Absolutely anyone who uses his methods -including YOU!! Can now instantly start making money with it straight away!

        What you’re going to be handed is quite simply incredible. But what’s even more amazing – is that you can be making money in less than 24 hours from now!

        And here’s why…..

You’re Going To Be Handed The Exact System Showing You Exactly What To Do!

“this is the exact folder containing the system that was given to each individual attending!”

        What you’re going to receive is an exact copy of the manual and the entire betting package that was handed out to all 12 seminar attendees. You can get it here right NOW!!

        This incredible 50 page manuscript details the exact system in full. But what really impressed us more than anything – was that it goes to great lengths to walk you through every step of the system so that YOU can immediately start making money with it!

        Also included is full colour pages of ACTUAL winning bets….and…..100% PROOF showing incredible profits of over £300 A DAY! But that’s not all……



You’ll Also Get An Instructional DVD Showing You Exactly How His Systems Works – Using Real Life Betting Situations!

        The inventor of the system really pushed the boat out for this seminar. In fact, he made a short video of “how to make the selections each day”. This is shown superbly on the DVD he provided for each individual that attended.

        What we’ve done for you is make an exact copy of the full DVD – allowing YOU to see everything the seminar attendees were shown. This means you can watch this in your own home and see for yourself exactly what to do!

        But the best part of his entire seminar package is still to come…..

You’ll Also Be Sent A Very Special Secret Weapon To Help YOU Make Money From His Incredible System!

        Without a doubt, the secret weapon that really makes his whole system make such incredible profits – is his unique – specially developed  software.

        This is a ONE OFF master-piece that allows absolutely ANYONE to now make serious money from horse racing.

        Now…before you start panicking about computers and software. Let me just put you at ease. You don’t need ANY computer skills – and you don’t need ANY knowledge of mathematics whatsoever. The software does absolutely everything for you.

        In fact, all you need to do is simply just insert the software disc into your computer. And it’ll do the rest FOR YOU!!!

        In fact, the software alone is worth £2,995.00. But here’s why we know for a FACT that you WILL make money with this!

“We’ve Fully Tested David Findlay’s System Out For You! And It’s Without Doubt The Absolute Best We’ve Ever Seen!

        When our inside man returned from the seminar – he was absolutely astonished by what he’d just witnessed. But when we saw for ourselves just how much money this system was actually making…..we were quite simply blown away by it!

        After putting it to the test for a full 9 months, we were all convinced that this was – by a country mile. The most devastating… ….most profitable, and most consistent betting system any of us had EVER seen!

        In fact……the results were absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!

        But to give you an idea of the kind of profits it makes. Just take a look at what we experienced the very first time we used this system.

“During The 5 day Cheltenham Festival…This System Made An Incredible £859.74 With Absolutely No Effort Whatsoever!”

        In the very first week we got our hands on his system. We immediately put it to the test during one of the toughest weeks on the racing calendar. Yes….you guessed it! The Cheltenham Festival!

        But to our absolute AMAZEMENT! This incredible software and system brought in a cash profit of £859.74!!

        YES! A cash profit of £859.74!!!

        That’s an absolutely superb return during such a difficult week of betting! But it never stopped there. The following week…..from just normal every day races. We started to see regular profits that were in-excess of £200.00 a day!

        YES!! £200.00 A DAY!!!

        In fact, we’ve actually seen this system make as much as £2,238.80 from just one afternoon of betting. That’s how powerful it can be!

        Never Before Have We Seen Any System Return Such Incredible Profits So Easily Or Consistently!

        Absolutely nothing else has EVER come as close to the success we’ve had with this system. So it’s no wonder this well-known pro could easily charge people £2,995.00 to attend his seminar.

        But let me tell you. They certainly got their monies worth! As what they were shown will now allow each of them to make money for the rest of their entire life! 

        And today…you can now also start using his EXACT system! And….you can immediately start making money with it first thing tomorrow afternoon!

“What’s Contained Within This Manual And DVD Will Teach You How To Start Making £40-£50k A Year From Racing!
And you can start straight away!!

        As soon as you open up the box we send you. You’ll immediately see just why 12 individuals paid an astonishing £2,995.00 to be at his one day event.

        In fact…what they were taught at this seminar has allowed each of them to now make a full time living from horse racing. And…..up to £1,575.00 a WEEK in CASH!

        But best of all….it’s one of the easiest methods of betting you’ll ever use!

        You see….the software does most of the work for you. Obviously, you’ll have to fill in the blanks so the software can work out your bets.

        But you certainly don’t need to sit at your computer all day watching the live betting.

        In fact….…..you can work out and place your bets in as little 25 minutes!

The Software Is A Master-Piece For Making Money From Racing – And It’s So Simple – Absolutely Anyone Can Do It!

        The software you’ll be sent is totally unique – absolutely no one else anywhere in the UK uses this program to calculate their bets.

        In fact, it was personally invented by the pro himself and given to a software programmer to develop into his finished masterpiece!

        And incredibly….it even helps you find the races…….it shows you how much to bet….what races are the most profitable. And, makes most of the decisions for you!

        All you need to do is follow the system instructions and you’re guaranteed to make money! It really is the ULTIMATE weapon for making money from horse racing! And today, for the very first time ever….

You Now Have An Extremely Rare Opportunity To OWN And Use This Unique Software And System!

        What you’re going to be sent by us is an EXACT copy of what was given to each of the 12 individuals that attended the seminar.

        But best of all……YOU can now be one of only a small group in the UK using this system. And…you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your entire life!

        In fact…just take a look at what you’re going to get as soon as you confirm your position here today!

You Can Instantly Secure A Copy of The Exact System, the DVD, And the Betting Software That’ll Now Allow YOU to Start Making Serious Money From Horse Racing!

        What you’re going to be sent is an exact copy of what was given to all 12 attendees at the privately held seminar.

        In fact, just take a look at what you’re going to get….

  • A complete 85 page colour copy of the EXACT system showing you exactly how to make up to £300 A DAY!!
  • An exact copy of the instructional DVD showing you real life examples of exactly how to make your selections each day! 
  • An exact copy of the betting software used by David Findlay to make money from horse racing every single day of the year!
  • And…a full step-by-step manual showing you proof of results, profits, and, how absolutely anyone can make money using his system!
You’ll Now Have Absolutely Everything You Need
To Make A Full-Time 
Living From Racing!

        What you’re going to be given is EXACTLY what each individual who attended the seminar walked away with.

        YES….an exact copy of the system manual, an exact copy of the dvd, and…an exact copy of the cash winning software!

        And don’t forget..…the 12 individuals who were handed this package each paid £2,995.00 for it when they attended the seminar!

        But best of all….you won’t have to!

This Is YOUR Chance To Secure Your Own Copy That’ll
Show You How To Make 
£40k A Year By Yourself!

IMG_1328        For a very limited number of lucky readers who secure their position today – each will be handed the phenomenal “Professional Betting Seminar System And Package”………

        You’ll also be given the exact software that’ll allow you to start betting professionally full time!

        In fact, you’ll now have the ability to make money from home whenever YOU feel like it. And…..whenever YOU want! And to prove this….

        Here’s Why We Can 100% Guarantee This System Will Always Make YOU Money!


We’ve Fully Tested This System Out On Our Members Behalf – That’s Why You Know This System Is Of The Highest Quality And WILL Make You Money! 

        As you know, the Betshare Club is run by punters –  FOR punters. That’s why you know that what you’re going to be sent by us tomorrow –  WILL make you money!!

        And to prove this – and – to give you 100% confidence in securing one of these packages. Just take a look at the incredible 60 day risk free trial we’re giving you.

60 Day Risk Free Trial Guarantee

You can now test out this incredible system and software over the next 60 days in the comfort of your very own home – and – make as much money as you want with it! That’s 2 full months completely risk free to give it a full and thorough test drive.

Now…if you don’t think you’re getting value for money, or, you’re not happy with ANYTHING at all about the system. Then simply let us know, and we’ll refund your payment in full. But why would we offer to do this? Well….just remember, we’re just everyday punters like you – so we don’t want to take your money like the others if you’re not 100% satisfied with what we send you!

Now….I can’t think of one company who’d give you an amazing guarantee like this. But that’s because Betshare is run by genuine everyday punters just like you! And we want to prove this by letting you try it out and actually make money with it first! That’s why you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by at least taking a look and giving it a full and thorough test drive for yourself!

There’s Absolutely NO RISK To You Whatsoever – In Fact – You Can Even Make Money With it Whilst Testing it Out!

        Without a doubt. This is probably the most astonishing risk free trial you’ll ever see. That’s why you simply cannot miss out on this incredible opportunity today.

        You see….we want you to feel totally secure about using this system. We want you to be totally free to test it out without any doubts at the back of your mind.

        And that’s why we’ve decided to let you try it out for the next 60 days without YOU ever risking a single penny! In fact, once you get this package, you’ll have a full 2 months to put it to the test.

        But…if you’re unhappy for ANY reason – just return it within 60 days. And we’ll give you a full money back refund. No quibbles, No questions asked!

        But to be honest….within the next 60 days, I fully expect you to be pulling in regular profits of £76, £143, £212, and even as much as £500.00 in a day!!

        Now…..because this system makes such incredible profits for absolutely anyone who uses it.  You’re probably now wondering just how much money you’ll need to pay to get your hands on a copy of this system?

“You Can Now Secure Your Own Copy Of The Most
Profitable System In The UK For Only 
A Fraction
Of What It Was Sold For!”

        For the 12 individuals who attended the actual seminar – each received the system manual, an instructional dvd, and…the absolutely incredible software.

        For this they paid an eye watering £2,995.00!!!

        But at £2,9950.00, this seminar is something you’d probably never have had the chance to go to. Therefore, not allowing you to ever know exactly how David Findlay makes £40k-£50k a year – or – be shown how to do exactly the same!

        That’s why we decided to attend this ONE OFF seminar. And, pay the full £2,995.00 for the complete system as we knew just how good David Findlay was.

        In fact, his system was so good, and profitable, that we’ve now came to a financial agreement with him to offer our own members, and a small group of new members, the EXACT system!

        And today….you can now be one of them.

        In fact, just look at what some of our members said when they took delivery of the system from us earlier in the year.

“This really is top notch betting! I’ve been wanting to start betting professionally for a long time now, but could never find a real, 100% genuine, professional system that I knew was actually being used by a full time professional. David Findlay’s system has now shown me how the pro’s really do it, and already I’m more than £3,250.00 in profit. Thanks guys, I knew I could trust you to get the absolute best for your members. I can’t thank you enough”

Alan Molloy - Yorkshire

“I’ve spent a lot on systems and tipsters over the years, but this is without the best I’ve ever seen. Obviously written and devised by a professional, you are to be congratulated for finding this master-piece!” 

J.Hart - Hampshire

“Dear guys, thank you so much for the seminar system from David Findlay, absolutely amazing. This is what I’ve been looking for over the last few years to take my betting to the next level, and already, I’m making more from this than I am in my day job! Just so you know, I’ve already made more than £1,700.00. since I got this from you 2 months ago, and it really is professional betting at it’s best. I’ve just booked a holiday with my winnings for me and the wife, so I really do owe you one!”

R.Davies - London

        These words are from just some of our members who now own this incredible system.  And today, for a very limited time only….

“You Can Now Also Secure David Findlay’s Exact System Costing £2,995.00 – But – For Only A Fraction Of The Seminar Price!”

        We could probably sell this to a group of members for around £1,500.00. But that’s not what the Betshare Racing Club is all about.

        Our club is run by genuine everyday punters for punters just like you! 

        And that’s why today, we’re going to release a limited amount of these incredible packages that includes the full system, instructional dvd, and….the exact software given to each of those who attended the seminar and paid the full price of £2,995.00.

        But incredibly…..you won’t have to pay the whopping £2,995.00 to get your hands on this. Today…as one of only a small group of lucky members. And, to basically introduce you to our group.

        You can for this one time only, if you’re quick, pay the ridiculously low price of only £77.

        Yes…I really did say only £77!

        That’s an incredible £2,918.00 OFF what you’d have paid to attend the seminar! (if you were invited that is!)

        This means you’ll now own the EXACT system…..AND – the exact software! BUT…you’ll only have paid a fraction of the price for it!

        And if you think the price is ridiculously low for a system that cost £2,995.00 at a seminar, then you’re right, it is. But that’s what the Betshare Racing Club is all about.

“You Can Now Basically Get This Entire System And Software For Next To Nothing Just By Taking Action Today!

        You see…..we don’t want to charge you the silly prices that some of these so called “betting gurus” charge. We want to give you the absolute best at an affordable price.

        And remember, because we’re a 100% genuine betting club, you’ve even got a full 60 day risk free trial to put the system to the test for yourself.

        Unlike some, we don’t take your money and run, WE WANT you to be completely happy with what you get. And we want you to be making money with it, so you really do have nothing to lose by at least taking a look at it.

        But most importantly of all….you’ll now have the exact system that’ll allow you to start making over £300 A DAY!!!

        And if you start first thing tomorrow…..

        You could’ve banked more than £1,800.00 by the end of next week!

You’ll Now Be Making Money Using The Exact Same System As One Of The UK’s Most Successful Bettors!!

        If you want to start making serious money from betting. And I mean serious money. Then you must secure your copy TODAY!!!

        And you can do that by clicking right here!

        By knowing exactly what to do – having the software that does most of the work for you. And….knowing that this method WILL make you up to £40k a year – is without doubt….one of the most powerful assets you can ever own.

        In fact, it’s an asset you can now use to make money with for the rest of your entire life! And that’s why this really is such an incredible opportunity for you.

  • You’ll now be making serious cash profits from the best and most profitable system being used anywhere in the UK!
  • You’ll discover how to really make money from racing – and –you’ll have the tools that’ll allow you to profit for the rest of your entire life!
  • You’ll own the exact system that cost seminar attendees £2,995.00!
  • And….you’ll now have regular profits to spend on whatever you like!

        This really is a once in a life time chance for you. Only 12 individuals were shown this pro’s system at his behind closed door seminar. And today…you can now join them in making a full time living from racing. But you’ll need to be quick!

Copies Of The System Are Strictly Limited!!

        Today – we’re only releasing a limited number of copies. So you really will need to take immediate action and reserve your package TODAY!! 

        Once we’ve released them all…that’s it! No more will be made available!

        But by securing your copy today………. (click here)

        You can now be one of less than 50 people in the UK using the exact system that’s already proved to us that it really does make over £40,000 A YEAR!!!

        In fact, if you were to start using this tomorrow – then literally – within a few weeks….you could’ve put several thousand pounds into your bank account!

        In 3 or 4 months from now. You could’ve made in excess of £10,000!! And that’s why you simply must take action today to secure your copy!!

        And don’t forget…..it really is a full 60 day risk free trial. Here at Betshare we WANT you to be completely happy. And we WANT you to be making money with what we send you. But there’s only ever going to be a limited number of copies ever released!

That’s Why You Simply Must Secure Your Copy NOW!! 
You Can Now Start Making Up To £300 A Day Using The Most Profitable System Anywhere In The UK!!

        This really is the ultimate money making system! That’s why David Findlay could easily charge £2,995.00 at his seminar!

        But for the next few days ONLY. We’re releasing just a limited number of copies of the EXACT system he handed out to the 12 individuals who attended his private seminar.

        And if you want to secure your copy!. Plus….the incredible software so you can imediately start making money…..

        “Then You’ll Need To Take Immediate Action TODAY!!”

        This is a strictly limited offer. We’re releasing limited copies to cover our costs in getting it for our members. So if you miss out now – it won’t be offered to you again.

        And please don’t forget….as I think this is very important!

        You’re now going to be one of only a small group of people in the UK using this method. A method that’s already proven that it’ll make ANYONE £40k – £50k a year! 

        So….to get your hands on this incredible system and immediately start making up to £300.00 in CASH A DAY!

        Simply just click here now!

        By taking action right now! A copy of the exact system, the software, and, an instructional dvd showing you exactly what to do…

        Will arrive at your front door tomorrow morning by registered post. But remember…

You’ll Have To Hurry – There’s Only Limited Copies
Of This Incredible 
System Being Released!

        By taking action right now by clicking here! A copy of the exact system, software, and instructional dvd will be sent out to you today!

        This means that within only a few days from now. You could already have banked more than £500 in CASH!!

IMG_1328        We look forward to hearing from you.

        The Betshare Racing Club

P.S.  Remember…..only a limited number of these packages are being released. It’s probably the one and ONLY time you’ll ever be handed the exact tools that’ll allow you to start betting professionally and make over £40,000 a year!

P.P.S.  Copies of David Findlay’s superb system are going to go very, very quickly to those who know just what an amazing one time opportunity this is, that’s a FACT! So you must take action today to secure your copy! If you don’t do this now, you’ll miss out – as this WILL NOT be offered to you again.