Ante Post Betting Info

As most strategic bettors will already realise, an Ante Post betting market is one that is created several days, weeks or even months before the event is scheduled to take place. Although most Ante Post events concern horse racing, there are Ante Post greyhound events too – usually large events such as the English Derby or Irish Derby.

These Ante Post markets present the strategic greyhound bettor with some good investment opportunities. Not because we think that picking a derby winner from twenty or more runners is an easy thing (it’s actually far from that), but because the inevitable surprises that arise leading up to the final race cause odds to swing quite dramatically.

If you bet with an exchange rather than a bookmaker then there are several ways to profit from this, and we will now look at a few of the most popular approaches in turn.

Laying the Favourite 
Laying the favourite in any event can always be viewed as a risky approach to take because in most sports the favourite is deemed to be the most likely winner.

But in greyhound racing, there is often so much trouble in running that the best form isn’t always the thing that determines the outcome of a race.
And since it often takes several races for the eventual winner of a big event like a derby to be found, this confounding variable is magnified by the number of races involved. All of this means that laying the favourite in a large Ante Post event may not be anywhere near as risky as most people think.

To make it even safer, you might consider laying the favourite only in the very early stages and then betting on your selection if the odds drift sufficiently for you to make a profit from the difference.

You might also want to analyse the form of the dogs to make sure there are plenty of other runners that have a fair chance of winning based on form. This will automatically help you to avoid laying a favourite that is world class and running against opponents that are simply good.

Betting the form dog
In some Ante Post markets you may well find a form dog that you believe has got an exceptional chance of wining the event despite the confounding variable of skirmishing in running.

In this case you can consider betting on the dog in the early stages of the market and, as long as the event unfolds as the form suggests, lay it at a later stage if the odds contract so that you can secure yourself a guaranteed profit if it wins and break even if it loses.

Several against the field 
Because form often doesn’t point towards just one likely winner, you could bet on several of the dogs with the best form in the hope that at least one or two of them will perform well enough for their odds to fall as the event progresses.

At that point you could lay one or more of your selections to cover your potential loss and still make a profit if one of them wins. Or you could lay to recover more than your potential loss and make a profit no matter what happens – something you will recall is referred to as a “green screen” situation because all of the outcomes on the exchange screen show a green profit figure.

Another way to adopt the “several against the field” is potentially more risky, and involves laying several dogs that you think have the least chance of winning.

The risk here is obvious: if one of them gets lucky then you will have to pay out on the losing lay bet, and this could be a substantial sum because the odds for a dog with poor form in a big event are likely to be fairly generous. Of course, if form does hold out then the odds for the outsiders will drift quite markedly, allowing you to bet on them with smaller amounts and cover your potential loss just in case it becomes an actual one later down the line.

Qualifier Betting 
If you establish a position in the main Ante Post market, you can play against that position in any qualifying event. For example, if you have bet on a dog to win the event as a whole at sizable odds, you might consider laying that same dog at much smaller odds in a quarter-or semi-final race.

If the dog loses, you could cover the loss on the main bet. If the dog wins, you could be in profit – or at least a break even situation – overall. If not, laying the dog in the main market at smaller odds might allow you do the same.

General Guidelines 
As you can see, there are plenty of approaches that you can take in an effort to make profits from Ante Post greyhound events. However you choose to proceed, there are a few general guidelines that you would benefit from following, and these are…

Shop around – The better the odds you get, the more flexible you can be with the way you bet. For example, if you find that you can get an extra point or two by betting with a traditional bookmaker on a certain event, making that bet means that you might be able to lay the same selection earlier with a betting exchange. Similarly, there is nothing at all to stop you betting with one betting exchange and laying with another if that would help you to make more profit overall.

Check the over-round – Betting exchange markets aren’t always fair, and in some events there can be so little interest from bettors that the odds available are not at all advantageous. To guard against betting in such circumstances, always check the over-round of the market and make sure you are happy with it before committing any of your money.

Be selective – Just because you know how it is possible to make money from Ante Post markets doesn’t mean that all such markets are good betting propositions. As always, you need to exercise your judgement and be selective.

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