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Understanding The Bookmaker

In a recent survey carried out at a UK racecourse, punters were asked if they understood how bookmakers make money.  What is it about the odds that they offer that allows them to make money?

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Strategy Is Everything

Finding and carrying out a strategy lies at the core of successful punting. It’s not just me saying this. It’s professional punters right down through the years.

“Strategy” can embrace selection and money management. The most successful punters I’ve met (not many of them!) have all strictly applied a strategic set of rules to their approach.

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Tote Super 7

The new Tote Super7 bet launched at the Doncaster St Leger Festival meeting. This bet is similar to the Scoop6 and the Jackpot but you have to find seven winners in order to get the big prize.

The unit stake is £2 and there are consolation prizes for six and five winners. Now this may seem like a fair bet but here are five reasons why serious punters should not play this bet.

Seven Winners is Harder than getting Six Numbers on the Lottery!!!

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Profit From The Classics

The five Classic races for three-year-olds-the 1000 and 2000 Guineas at Newmarket in the spring, the Derby and Oaks run at Epsom in the first week in June, and the St Leger at Doncaster in September – are the greatest events in English racing. Selecting the winners of such keenly contested races is never an easy job. The form lines are usually tangled and it is beyond the capacity of most backers to unravel them.

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Ante Post Betting Information

As most strategic bettors will already realise, an Ante Post betting market is one that is created several days, weeks or even months before the event is scheduled to take place. Although most Ante Post events concern horse racing, there are Ante Post greyhound events too – usually large events such as the English Derby or Irish Derby.

These Ante Post markets present the strategic greyhound bettor with some good investment opportunities. Not because we think that picking a derby winner from twenty or more runners is an easy thing (it’s actually far from that), but because the inevitable surprises that arise leading up to the final race cause odds to swing quite dramatically.

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Bets The Bookies Hate

The bookies would rather lay ostrich eggs than these bets, so arm yourself with this insider information, and prepare to play them at their own game.

One of the major weapons you have in your arsenal as a punter is freedom of choice. The most obvious is the selection you back: how you come to that final decision is the most important thing in gambling.

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