About Us

The Betshare club website was set up by punters FOR punters looking to get their hands on the best racing books, as well as the best systems and information available, but without having to pay the crazy prices or rely on the claims made by those offering them.

We here at Betshare test all systems for sale on the market, we then let YOU know what they are like, if they are profitable, and, just how good they actually are. We then rate the best books and systems, saving you time, money, and the heartache of buying poor systems, only to find out after you have bought them, that they are no good.

We do all the hard work in testing them out for YOU, meaning you have the knowledge of the best and most profitable books and systems out there.

You can now be part of our group for free, and, just as a welcome gift, we have a ton of information and systems we will send you just by signing up and joinig our group. Without a doubt the best betting group anywhere in the country.

FINALLY, a group who will actually SHARE the facts and results on the BEST systems and information available, meaning you know in advance the most profitable books and systems on the market BEFORE you buy them. So, sign up now for your free information and systems, it’ll be the best bet you have ever made!

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